Saturday April 6th, 2019
(In Front Of The Main Library)
(At N. Church Ave. & Alameda St.)
(At Presidio San Agustin del Tucson)
La Cocina
(At Old Town Artisans)
(West Side of the Main Library)
Dusty Monk
(In the Dusty Monk Pub at Old Town Artisans)
12:00 Dusty River Bluegrass band Kaz Murphy Jim Pipkin Eli, Syndenn, & Po Songwriting Contest Paul Charles
12:30 Widow's Hill Bruce Carlson Daniel Lease The Sounders Carol Markstrom
1:00 Witherward World Winds Young MacDonald The Haymarket Squares Eric Douglas
1:30 Roman Barten-Sherman Steff Kayser Marty Province Dan Levenson and The Cat Mountain Rounders Sandy Hathaway
2:00 Ramsey Roberson Sunny & the Whiskey Machine Helen Hudson The Quarter Young Artists The Fishers
2:30 Eb's Camp Cookin' Herding Cats John McGill with Whiskey and Honey Bright & Childers Band The Tumbleweeds
3:00 The Rusty Chops Peter, Paul, and Mary Remembered Lizard Rock Ramblers JD Loveland Children's Headliner JC Scott
3:30 Lauren Lawson Jim, Hank & Dave - The Dry River Band Eric Ramsey The Kate Becker All-Stars BD & B Frank
4:00 PB&J David R Hawkins Alec Lytle and Them Rounders Get Back Tucson (Acoustic Beatles Tribute) Young Artists Sister and the Sun
4:30 Nathan & Jessie Sophia Rankin and Guests Wren Anne English Paul Martin
5:00 Matt and Rebekah Rolland Laura Joy Janelle Loes Copper Wren Michael R. J. Roth
5:30 Sabra Faulk-Sylvester High Desert Band The Jim Howell Band Determined Luddites RuffMixx
6:00 Songwriting Winner G.E. Bowman The Titan Valley Warheads Shades of Summerdog Greg LaCosse
6:30 JC & Laney Cadillac Mountain Bluegrass The Warren Dukes Band Austin Counts and Tom Walbank
7:00 John Coinman Band Diane Perry R T Hall Lola & Her Friends
7:30 Eric Schaffer & The Other Troublemakers
8:00 The Morton Twins
9:00 Red Molly