Saturday April 6th, 2019
(In El Presidio Park)
Presidio Museum
(At Presidio San Agustin del Tucson - 1/2 block east of Old Town Artisans)
(On Telles St. Between Court and Meyer)
La Cocina
(At Old Town Artisans)
(Lawn Southwest of the Old Courthouse)
12:00 Mike Agranoff String Bean Folk Orchestra Greg LaCosse Bruce Carlson TBA
12:30 Jim Berault Marty Province Eric Ramsey Nelson Wright TBA
1:00 Tammy West Uncommon Folk The Mas o Menos String Band Janelle Loes TBA
1:30 Forged By Fire John Keeney The Wicked Bad Girls and a Boy Igor TBA
2:00 Bright & Childers Band Linda Lou & the Desert Drifters Arroyo Boyo Sabra Faulk and the Angel Band TBA
2:30 Austin Counts The Rusty Chops EarthPicks of Cochise County Peter, Paul, and Mary Remembered TBA
3:00 Doc Rolland & Fiddle-ology Heather Hardy and Sabra Faulk The Wayback Machine Birds and Arrows TBA
3:30 The Kate Becker All-Star Band Ice-9 PB&J Eb Eberlein TBA
4:00 Chip Curry y el conjunto Lucky Lenny Cadillac Mountain Bluegrass Neil McCallion and The Mighty Maxwells TBA
4:30 Minute2Minute Stuart Oliver Almond&Olive The Arnold/Klingenfus Ensemble TBA
5:00 Eric Schaffer & The Other Troublemakers The Haymarket Squares Privy Tippers Ron Pandy TBA
5:30 Robyn Landis Infinite Flame The Titan Valley Warheads Mustang Corners TBA
6:00 Songwriting Winner Nancy McCallion Po the Band Bunny Kirby
6:30 JC & Laney The Carnivaleros Southbound Pilot The Jim Howell Band
7:00 Peter Alsop Peter Dalton Ronstadt
8:00 John Coinman
9:00 Pokey LaFarge