In 2010, TKMA made a very conscious decision to reserve the Sunday headliner slot for one of our own local luminaries, and with that an open invitation to perform at future festivals. While we could go on for many paragraphs as to who they are, what they are about and why you should see them, we’re choosing to be brief here, and ask that you trust us when we say they are the best of the best!

Headliners Emeritus

John Coinman Sunday 6:30 – Museum
Americana, folk rock of the southwest or whatever you want to call it, Coinman is simply one of our generations’s greatest songwriters. Period. With songs that are topical, playful, heartfelt, he brings his full band of all-stars to close out the Museum of Art Stage
Sabra Faulk & Heather Hardy Sunday 5:00 – Courtyard
This is a dynamic duo of epic proportions. To listen to Sabra’s music, one would never suspect that songwriting has come to her relatively late in life. Because Heather’s way with a violin is known far and wide, it can sometimes overshadow her own prowess as a songwriter. As friends and collaborators, their connection is magic.
Kevin Pakulis Sunday 7:00 – Plaza
A songwriter’s songwriter, Kevin will use blues, folk, rock, or whatever else it might take to make a point, convey a feeling or make a wry musical observation.
Sonoran Dogs Saturday 6:30 – Courtyard
Put together four amazing solists and you have a bluegrass supergroup featuring Brian Davies on bass & vocals, Mark Miracle on mandolin & vocals, Tyler James on banjo, and Peter McLaughlin on guitar & vocals &ndash
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Run Boy Run Saturday 7:00 – Plaza
With roots in Tucson and Phoenix, these 20 somethings gained national attention when they appeared on Prairie Home Companion twice within a month just a few years back. Fabulous bluegrass pickers with amazing harmonies and not a banjo to be seen anywhere on stage (but there will be a cello). Who knew?
Ronstadt Generations Sunday 6:00 – Courtyard Stage
It's a bit cliche and completely out of context, but this band will indeed give you something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Mixing the traditional music of their family's Mexican roots (old) with their own original and completely contemporary take on folk (new), the Ronstadts add their own arrangements to some well chosen covers (borrowed) while also spicing their set with a dash of the blues. Add striking three part harmonies and it's easy to see why this band was an obvious choice to be a festival headliner.

Special Guests

Greg Morton Band Saturday 7:30 – Plaza
All you need to know here is that as a kid, Greg got to play with Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music, a bunch of times. What else does anyone need to know. A Tucson transplant whose roots are in the heart of east coast bluegrass country, Greg is the real deal.
Ryanhood Sunday 5:30 – Museum
Four short years ago Ryan Green and Cameron Hood were complete strangers to TKMA and vice versa. As part of the new vangaard of dynamic acoustic musicians, as songwriters, singers and players, their group is one of the most exciting things to happen to TKMA in some time.