Sunday April 7th, 2019
(In Front Of The Main Library)
(At N. Church Ave. & Alameda St.)
(At Presidio San Agustin del Tucson)
La Cocina
(At Old Town Artisans)
(West Side of the Main Library)
Dusty Monk
(In the Dusty Monk Pub at Old Town Artisans)
11:30 Arizona Balalaika Orchestra Blood Feud Family Singers Jessica Shumate Dan & Cindy Young Artists Matt Bruner
12:00 Igor the Jazz Cowboy Curt Beall Jane Fallon Nick and Luke Sweet Remember
12:30 Dharmapoke Arroyo Boyo Dash Pocket Ryan David Orr Pete Steinberg
1:00 The Lord of Grace Praise Singers Nelson Wright Mark Rocco Dawson One More Time Kristie Cunningham
1:30 Gabrielle Pietrangelo & Beth Daunis Robby Roberson Band Cinder Bridge Infinite Flame Michael Lich
2:00 Teal & Joyce Bob Einweck & Paul Ruffner Blue Prairie Dogs Jim Ballard Children's Headliner Amy Coffman
2:30 Brian Berggoetz Band Arnold Klingenfus Ensemble Steven Graves Band Linda Lou & the Desert Drifters Leslie and Larry Latour
3:00 Tammy West and The Culprits Lindsay White Darrell Elmer Rodgers Billy Parker and Mandoclectic Young Artists Mudwerks
3:30 Neil McCallion Robyn Landis The Speedway Brothers Band Moonstrung Restrung Rudy Cortese
4:00 Joyce Luna w Young MacDonald & Friends Dan McCorison accompanied by Maria McArthur Denise Lane WomanSong David K. Joyce
4:30 Bear FebboFuentes The Georgia Kid Ron Pandy EarthPicks of Cochise County
5:00 Connie Brannock Quintet Adara Rae & The Homewreckers Big Grin Mustang Corners Carlos Arzate
5:30 Freddy Parish and the Old Town String Band ICE-9 Wally Lawder Jerry Green Mikey
6:00 Don Armstrong & the Whiskeypalians Lucky Lenny Wayback Machine Ric Volante & Vicky Smith Pablo Peregrina
6:30 Nancy McCallion and the Scarlet Lettermen Baba Marimba The Out of Kilters The Fallen Stars
7:00 P.D. Ronstadt & The Company Kevin Pakulis and His Band
8:00 The Heather Hardy Band