Sunday May 6th, 2018
(In El Presidio Park)
Presidio Museum
(At Presidio San Agustin del Tucson - 1/2 block east of Old Town Artisans)
(On Telles St. Between Court and Meyer)
La Cocina
(At Old Town Artisans)
(Lawn Southwest of the Old Courthouse)
11:00 Matt Bruner
11:30 Odaiko Sonora Sunny & the Whiskey Machine Arizona Balalaika Orchestra The Blood Feud Family Singers TBA
12:00 The Muleboys Dan McCorison AZTRAL FOLK Sandy Hathaway TBA
12:30 Dan Weber Cypress Grove Puca Northeast by Southwest (NExSW) TBA
1:00 The Paul Green Band John McGill with Whiskey & Honey Big Grin Jaspar Lepak TBA
1:30 Connie Brannock Quintet The Cat Wranglers Sundust Road Sister Solace TBA
2:00 Larry Armstrong & CopperMoon Don Pablo & The Placebos Robby Roberson Band Ric Volante & Vicky Smith TBA
2:30 Mike P. Ryan Romen Buffalo and The Loyal Order Moonstrung Restrung and Revisited Ismael Barajas and Tu-Son TBA
3:00 Lost Hombres The Out of Kilters Wally Lawder and Acoustic Sky Steven Graves Band TBA
3:30 Leila Lopez Eli and Po Noctrane WomanSong TBA
4:00 Widow's Hill Heather Lil' Mama Hardy Determined Luddites Bobby Ronstadt TBA
4:30 Don Armstrong & the Whiskeypalians Matt and Rebekah Rolland Darrell Elmer Rodgers Jacob Acosta Band TBA
5:00 Sophia Rankin Havin' a Blast Woolley Dawgs Amber Norgaard TBA
5:30 GertieNtheT.0.Boyz High Desert Band Diane Van Deurzen & Lisa Otey Pete Steinberg TBA
6:00 David Hawkins French Quarter Dash Pocket Joyce Luna & Friends TBA
6:30 Freddy Parish Adara Rae & The Homewreckers Baba Marimba Kevin Pakulis TBA
7:00 Ryanhood
8:00 Greg & Randal Morton Band