Sunday May 7th, 2017
(In El Presidio Park)
(At Presidio San Agustin del Tucson - 1/2 block east of Old Town Artisans)
(In the Museum of Art Courtyard)
La Cocina
(At Old Town Artisans)
(In front of the Museum of Art entrance)
11:00 Bunny Kirby and The Storytellers
11:30 Tara Somerville G. E. Bowman Igor the One-Man-Band Nelson Wright
12:00 The 2 Lazy 2 Ranch Band Little Table Contraband Freddy Parish ArleneWow! Carol Markstrom
12:30 John Keeney Matt Bruner Kay Miracle Americana Singer/ Songwriter Pete Noirot Al's Pals (The Vinals)
1:00 Moonstrung Restrung Tin Can Tourists The Buzzkills The Bob Wilders Band Grady Maguire
1:30 Bruce Carlson Hot Club Junior Blue Prairie Dogs Saguaro Sunset Trio Sandy Hathaway
2:00 Elise Grecco Children's Show Joyce Luna with Michael G. Ronstadt & Mike Markowitz Linda Lou & the Desert Drifters Cinder Bridge
2:30 John McGill with Whiskey and Honey Connie Brannock Lexi Weege Paul Charles
3:00 Defining the Zeitgeist RuffMixx Frank 'n Steel The Jim Howell Band Kathy Kolmer
3:30 Sid Hausman Marshall Jones & Rob Paulis Ned Sutton & Last Dance Steven Graves Band Northeast by Southwest (NExSW)
4:00 Pca Arizona Balalaika Orchestra Hot Club of Tucson Cadillac Mountain Nancy Elliott
4:30 I Hear Voices! Adara Rae & The Homewreckers Romen Buffalo and The Loyal Order Sabra & Heather Eric Ramsey
5:00 Wally Lawder and Acoustic Sky Ronstadt Generations Wayback Machine Annie Hawkins Band Lost Hombres
5:30 Sophia Rankin Ice-9 Dash Pocket WomanSong
6:00 Teodoro Ted Ramirez Kate Becker JC & Laney Kevin Pakulis
6:30 Sister Solace Key Ingredients of African Soul Baba Marimba
7:00 Nancy McCallion
8:00 RyanHood